Bradshaw Gass & Hope LLP is a multi-disciplinary practice in Construction Design comprising Architects, Structural Engineers, Service Engineers and Quantity Surveyors.
Bradshaw Gass & Hope is a multi-disciplinary practice in Construction Design comprising Architects, Structural Engineers, Service Engineers and Quantity Surveyors.

Privacy Policy

In today's multimedia world, the Internet in particular is opening up many new and fascinating opportunities. The internet is a source of comprehensive information on specialist or very mundane issues. We can send news in the form of e-mails or SMS or correspond in other ways with Internet surfers around the world. Not least, we can also shop over the Internet or conduct banking transactions. Many processes require us to give personal details, in order to make the service possible. As part of this multimedia world and conscious of the risks this creates in terms of data protection, Bradshaw Gass & Hope LLP (BGH) take the protection of your personal data very seriously. BGH have set itself the aim of making a range of online services available to you, while protecting your right to informational self-determination and guaranteeing the protection of your private sphere. Abiding by data protection regulations is a matter of course for us. We would like to take this opportunity to tell you which of your personal details are collected by BGH , for what purposes these are required and how sensitively BGH handle your details. Please read through these notes on data protection on a regular basis, as they will be revised from time to time.

BGH's standpoint on data protection

  1. BGH endeavor to provide you with most services on an anonymous usage basis.
  2. Your personal details are only used within the framework of your authorisation. You are at liberty, however, to withdraw this authorisation at any time.
  3. Without your express agreement, BGH will not divulge any personal information - unless it is not possible to enable you to use a service in any other way or BGH are legally obliged to disclose such information.

Important terms

Personal details refers to any information that enables you to be identified. This includes in particular your name, date of birth, address and telephone number.

In principle it is not possible, or at least only possible by going to quite considerable lengths, to identify you on the basis of anonymous data. Anonymous data includes, for instance, information you provide about your preferences or similar details. The evaluation of this data, which cannot be traced back to you, helps us to ascertain the habits of our users, in order to make our service more user-friendly as well as adapt it to our users' wishes and needs.


  1. What personal details will BGH request from me?

    At BGH , data is collected in a variety ways depending on the service being used. In principle, we only collect your personal details when absolutely necessary. For certain BGH services, for instance, you have to register. You will be asked in such circumstances for your name, your postal address and your e-mail address, your date of birth, your sex and your telephone number. Some of these details are optional.

    On most BGH websites, however, you do not need to divulge any personal details. Sometimes, you will also be asked for information in connection with surveys. We need this information in order to make our services more attractive for you and to be able to always offer you the very latest in BGH services.

  2. Who collects my details?

    In principle, all information you provide on BGH sites will be gathered only in BGH databanks, unless you are expressly told otherwise.

  3. What does BGH do with my personal and anonymous details?

    In the majority of cases, BGH needs your personal details in order to carry out the service concerned. The information you provide also enables BGH to obtain, anonymously, statistical information about user habits, which we use to make standard adjustments to the respective services in line with users' needs.

    Besides using personal information to enable individual services, we also collect anonymous data when our sites are visited. This information is helpful for marketing purposes as well to improve the services on offer.

  4. Does BGH pass on my details to third parties?

    BGH does not sell or lend any user information. If it is necessary to transfer your details in order to make a service available, this will only be done with your consent. We are occasionally asked by private individuals to disclose the identity of our users. In principle we only make our users' details available if we are legally obliged to do so. This may be the case if government institutions (e.g. criminal prosecution authorities) ask us for information or we receive a court order to that effect. Otherwise, we protect the confidentiality of your identity.

  5. What are cookies?

    Cookies are small volumes of data in the form of text information, sent by the web server to your browser. These are only stored on your hard disk. They can only be read by the server that previously stored them and contain information on what you are looking at on a website and when. With the aid of cookies, Internet usage can be made more effective. Industry standards apply to the use of cookies. Quite a lot of Internet providers use them to offer their customers useful functions. Cookies themselves only anonymously identify the IP address of the computer and do not store any personal information, such as your name. As no individual can be identified simply on the basis of such information, the use of cookies is permissible.

    With cookies you have the choice of whether you wish to permit them. You can change your preferences in your browser settings.

  6. What technical measures do BGH take to protect my details?

    BGH works with secure data networks protected by both industry-standard firewalls and by passwords. We use security measures in order to guarantee that your details are protected against loss, changes or misuse. Only selected employees have access to the information you send to us. Those employees who come into contact with your personal details are bound in writing before starting their activities to observe the confidentiality of data. We do everything we possibly can, in organisational and technical terms, to protect your details.

  7. What can I do myself to prevent my personal details getting into the wrong hands?

    Even when sending mails, you are best advised to always use encryption programmes, such as PGP (Pretty Good Privacy), in order to protect your details against third-party access. You will find more on PGP at .

    Also, when choosing passwords you should as far as possible ensure that you do not use passwords that can easily be connected with you.

  8. Legal texts

    European Parliament and Council Directive on Data Protection dated 24 October 1995.

  9. Changes to this data protection statement

    BGH reserves the right to make changes in future to this data protection statement.

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